The mission of Wesleyan Youth is to glorify God through evangelizing, nurturing, and equipping youth to be spiritual leaders committed to lifelong service to Christ and His church. Wesleyan Youth ministry shall be characterized by an effective organization of youth committed to active sharing of their faith, personal and collective study of God’s Word, edifying the body of Christ through the use of spiritual gifts, positive Christian fellowship, and service to their family, church, community, and the world.

Any youth from thirteen through thirty-five years of age, who is in any way touched by the local church ministries, and who desires to participate in the meetings and activities of WY shall be listed as a member of the local WY.

Aim and Objective

  • To encourage the fostering of greater inter-departmental relations so as to raise the level of unity and brotherhood, weaving a web of support with the churches across the District.
  • To use the discipline of sports and the social media to create avenues for national impact and to make our Christ visible and practical in our community.
  • To develop an interactive ministry database that identifies and establishes avenues for members of Wesleyan Youth to showcase and enhance their talents, gifts & ministry skills while accomplishing the Great Commission and operating in excellence.

Wesleyan Youth President

Amelia Samuel

District Wesleyan Youth Executive 2021/2022

Sr. Amelia Samuel
Sr. Melanie Browne
Vice President
Br. Kemar Holder
Sr. Piea-Marie Crichlow
Sr. Keren Yearwood
Asst. Secretary
Br. McKenzie Gooding, Sr. Ceejay Cumberbatch, Sr. Rachel Skeete
Social Media Team
Sr. Kristina Clarke
Teen Representatives
Sr. Samantha Norville
Teen Representative
Sr. Katherine Mascoll
Adult Advisor